COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement.  I understand the apprehension among many regarding the Covid-19 Virus.   While it is essential that we all take the proper steps to insure our safety during these difficult times, please know that Northcoast Mobility continues to serve your needs while taking all steps to insure your safety.  Staying healthy is important but ending up in the hospital or emergency room due to a serious fall is not good for any of us.   I am taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe evaluation and installation of your stairlift.  First of all, I have been tested for the Covid-19 Virus a couple of times.  Most recent was December 24th 2020.   I have also been vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus.  I received my first Pfizer vaccination on 01/30/2021 and my second on 02/20/2021.  I do keep hand sanitizer in my vehicle at all times.  Upon completion, everything will be sanitized for your safety.  Also, unlike most companies who will send out a sales person, then an installation team, multiple people to complete your project, you will deal with ME ONLY.  I will come out and do the evaluation, I will personally install the stairlift.  I will be alone for all straight stairlift installations but may or may not have a helper for curved units.  .   I am in this business to help protect you from falls and injury.  I continue to help by going above and beyond to make sure that you are safe in every way.