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As the name suggests, the 950+ incorporates all of the standard features of the 950, but with the option of upgrading to a host of useful powered options.

The powered footrest option automatically folds up the footrest at the touch of a button. Whether you have difficulty bending or you plan to park it near the top of the stairs, this is a great safety feature for all users to avoid having to bend down and manually fold the footrest or keep it unfolded and cause a potential tripping hazard.

You may also choose to upgrade to a powered swivel option. By simply holding the toggle control toward the landing when you arrive, the seat will swivel so you are facing the landing to disembark toward it rather than getting on/off the lift sideways.

The 950+ can be equipped with our versatile Smart Seat.  Available in 6 easy-clean, anti-slip upholstery options, not only can you adjust its height and depth, but you can also add in arm spacers to ensure the perfect fit for every rider.

Northcoast Mobility Price:  $3145.00


Powered Swivel Seat:  +$475.00 (Click for more details)

Powered Folding Foot Rest:  +$375.00 (Click for more details)

Manual Hinged Rail:  +$595.00 (Click for more details)

Slide Track:  +$975.00 (Click for more details)

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