Access Homeglide

Access Homeglide

The thick and luxurious padding ensures a firm and comfortable seat. The sisal colour of the upholstery is a neutral tone which will fit in every household. The upholstery is also fire retardant, liquid repellent and easy to clean.


The HomeGlide is operated with an easy to use joystick which can also be removed to prevent unauthorised usage.


The HomeGlide’s design is simple, sturdy and above all satisfies your accessibility requirements. Remote control handsets allow the HomeGlide to park at either the top or bottom of the staircase, wherever is the most convenient for you.


When not in use the HomeGlide is folded away to only 14.9″  on any landing, out of the way of any other staircase users.

Northcoast Mobility Price: $3350.00

Optional: Power Folding Rail:  PLUS:  $975.00

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