The manufacturer’s warranty covers only parts. Customer’s who purchase from Northcoast Mobility will be covered for Parts and Labor.

Northcoast Mobility services only customers who purchased their units from us.  Sorry, we have gotten too busy to service units bought from other dealers and we do not have access to parts for other brands,

Due to the many problems that often arise, Northcoast will no longer install used units purchased elsewhere. There are many things that can go wrong with a stairlift purchased from an individual, off Craigsist, Ebay, etc. We often find that stairilits were damaged during the removal, handling, or shipping of a used unit. The issues are often not obvious until after the lift is installed and tested and then customers get upset over any additional charges. Also, used stairlifts must be cut or lengthened almost 100% of the time which adds additional time and expense to an install. There can be other issues also.

The price for a service call is $200.00.  That price includes travel to and from your location, inspection and diagnosis of the problem, simple adjustments and repairs that require no parts.

Parts are extra and a final estimate will be provided after diagnosis before any work is completed.  

The $200.00 service call is non-refundable if you decide not to proceed with a repair.  Approximately 80% of service calls result in no charges beyond the base $200.00.

Many of our service calls are for battery replacement.  Total cost for a service call that includes battery replacement is $300.00. 

NOTE:  We service only stairlifts that were purchased from Northcoast Mobility.

This depends upon the staircase configuration of your new home. Most stairlift models are specific for the left or right side of the stairs. The Bruno and the Handicare 1100’s can be used on either side of the stairs.  This means that for most other models and brands, the stairlift would only work on the same side as it is now. It also depends upon the total number of steps. If your new staircase is no longer than the old one, then it can be done. If you require a longer rail for the new stairs, it can still be done but will be significantly more expensive as a new rail set will be required.